The GRÉEA is an interuniversitary and interdisciplinary research group in environmental and animal ethics, created at the end of the year 2015 and (2016) associated to the Centre de recherche en éthique de Montréal (CRÉ).

The GRÉEA aims at promoting exchange and collaborative work between researchers (professors/teachers in university/CEGEP, post-doc students, etc.) and graduate students (master or PhD level) working in environmental and/or animal ethics or on related issues. Regular members of the group are thus meeting every month to discuss about their on-going research, meeting occasionally for reading groups as well.

Furthermore, the GRÉEA aims at making more visible and accessible to the academic as well as the non-academic public, French and English language research in environmental and animal ethics through public events, such as public workshop or conference. In addition, latest news about environmental and animal ethics events happening in Montreal, Quebec, or North-America, along with GRÉEA members’ new publications, are regularly published on GRÉEA website.

Putting theory into practices

We commit to reducing the negative impact of our activities on animals and ecosystems. We serve only plant-based food and beverages, as local and organic as possible, in non-disposable tableware, at GRÉEA events. We fund travel only by train, bus, boat, or even less environmentally damaging modes.  And we favour electronic and digital over printed materials when possible.