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Balam Kenter, Concordia University, « Rendering Surplus, Rendering Flesh: Capitalism, Animals, and Disability » (online | en ligne)
Mai 25 @ 12:00 – 14:00

Balam KenterBalam Kenter, Concordia University, « Rendering Surplus, Rendering Flesh: Capitalism, Animals, and Disability »

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The animal rendering industry and surplus populations are two features of capitalism that are both invisibilized as by-products, subject to logics of waste-management and recycling. Shukin’s (2009) genealogy of how animal life gets symbolically and carnally rendered capital, demonstrates the central role of animals in the reproduction of capitalist hegemony. Similarly, the paradox of surplus populations, another kind of bare life, is that they are redundant to capital while being absolutely essential to, and created by, it (Marx, 2000; Endnotes, 2010). 40 percent of the global workforce is currently rendered superfluous (Benanav, 2014). Most of this global surplus population is disabled (WHO, 2011; UN, 2015), showing capitalism to be a disabling power. Appreciating the centrality of rendering and surplus populations necessitates astute attention to the seemingly non-productive and/or non-labour-centric, but no less material, aspects of late capitalism that banks on rendering animal and human bodies as capital, perpetually cannibalizing its own waste, and turning all excess into surplus value. Utilizing insights from Critical Disability Studies and Critical Animal Studies, I offer an interdisciplinary consideration of surplus populations and animal rendering with the aim of better understanding the contradictions of the current phase of capitalism through pathologized and non-laboring bodies, both animal and disabled.

2e édition des Journées d’étude jeunes chercheuse·eurs du GRÉEA | Second Edition of GRÉEA’s early career scholars workshop (en ligne | online)
Sep 22 – Sep 23 Jour entier

Organisation : Charles Fontaine & Véronique Armstrong

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This workshop aims to give an opportunity to student GRÉEA’s members and early career scholars whose research tackles environmental or animal ethics issues from different perspectives to publicize their work within a dedicated space favorable to exchange and discussion.

The workshop will be held through ZOOM (time zone, EDT).

Program & abstracts 

TBA in July 2022.

L’objectif de ces journées d’étude est de permettre aux membres étudiant·es du GRÉEA et aux jeunes chercheuse·eurs, qui travaillent sur des questions d’éthique environnementale ou d’éthique animale à partir de différentes approches, de publiciser leurs travaux dans un espace propice à l’échange et à la discussion.

Les journées se dérouleront sur ZOOM (fuseau horaire, EDT).

Programme & résumés

À venir en juillet 2022.


Jeudi 22 septembre | Thursday, September 22 (Time zone : EDT)
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Vendredi 23 septembre | Friday, September 24 (Time zone : EDT)
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