GRÉEA/CRÉ/SPCA Workshop – March 14 & 15, 2019

Animal welfare organizations : responding to ethical challenges

Participation is free but space is limited. If you’d like to participate, please RSVP to, by 5 March.

Organization : Kristin Voigt, Valéry Giroux and Élise Desaulniers, with the precious help of Frédéric Côté-Boudreau et Hosanna Galea


With the precious logistical and scientific help of :

  • Hosanna Galea (Étudiante, McGill University)
  • Frédéric Côté-Boudreau (Doctorant, Queen’s University)

In October 2018, a team of academic researchers working in animal ethics conducted interviews with the Montreal SPCA’s staff in order to identify and better understand the ethical challenges they face in their work. The research team then began to develop a set of detailed and concrete suggestions for addressing these ethical challenges.

On March 14-15th 2019, the research team will again meet with SPCA staff on the Montreal SPCA’s premises. The first day of the workshop will be devoted to presenting and discussing the suggestions prepared by the research team on how the Montreal SPCA might respond to the ethical challenges it faces. This will be an opportunity for the staff of the Montreal SPCA as well as colleagues in philosophy and animal ethics to give their feedback. Following the workshop, the research team will finalise the policy document, taking into account the feedback received.

The second day of the workshop will be devoted to the presentation and discussion of several academic papers written by members of the research team, which will ultimately be published in a collected volume. These papers provide a more detailed analysis of broader problems that animal welfare organizations face in their work.