November 20 – Philopolis opening night with F. Jaquet, V. Giroux & V. Simoneau-Gilbert

Francois Jaquet, Valéry Giroux et Virginie Simoneau-Gilbert will be the special guest of the Philopolis opening night of the 2020 edition at 18:00 on November 20th, 2019, at the Librairie le Port de Tête (262, 269 Mont-Royal E. avenue, Montréal).


The opening will mark the beginning of the call for papers of the 2020 edition. We will have the chance to hear from our guests of honor, François Jaquet, Valéry Giroux and Virginie Simoneau-Gilbert in a conference on animal ethics.

Philopolis wants to promote the place of philosophical research at the heart of the Montreal community, as well as the role of the various actors who contribute to the advancement of knowledge. As a privileged place for research on animal ethics, the research done in Montreal certainly has a worldwide impact. Our guests of honor, students-researchers actively involved in their field, participate in the development of these researches in animal ethics. Philopolis also wants to inform the public and the philosophy students on the different strategic research groups, such as the CRÉ or the GRÉEA where our panelists come from, which can contribute to support new researchers in the advancement of their career.

Please note that the places are limited and that you have to get a free ticket at the following address:

The evening will be broadcasted on the different web platform of the event and it will also be possible to take questions from the internauts.

Refreshments will be served on site.