CFP : « État des recherches : Villes, actions climatiques, inégalités »

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Drawing on the vast network of researchers in urban studies at Villes Regions Monde and the expertise of the Canada Research Chair in Urban Climate Action, this research report aims to bring together and disseminate social science and urban studies research that can contribute to knowledge on climate action in cities and urban regions and on the inequalities that result from it, whether or not this research has raised the question of climate at the beginning of its process.

Who can contribute?

The initiative aims to bring together knowledge from recent research conducted by students and faculty in our networks, not to produce new knowledge. Research syntheses co-constructed with partners and organizations from the practice community are also welcome.

Two scenarios of involvement

1) A professor who has recently published a report or scientific article summarizes this work in the requested format or proposes that a student from his/her team do so.

2) A master’s or doctoral student summarizes his/her research (completed within the last 3 years or in progress) in the requested format. Financial support is available for those registered in a Quebec university.

To submit an abstract

See the full call for papers  (french only).

Please, fill this form. Deadline : March 11, 2022.

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