New publication of Y.-M. Abraham: “Milton Parc, atelier de la décroissance”

Ives-Marie Abraham co-authored with Ambre Fourrier a new article entitled “Milton Parc, atelier de la décroissance” in the latest issue of the Canadian Journal of Nonprofit and Social Economy Research.


The movement for a “sustainable” or “convivial” degrowth of the economy in our societies has been gaining momentum for almost twenty years. This movement, in addition to criticizing the pursuit of economic growth, espouses three key principles: produce less, share more, and decide together (Abraham, 2019). But how can such a course of action be implemented in practice? One way, according to the “growth objectors,” is to try to organize our subsistence within the framework of the commons. Accomplishing this objective is less a question of inventing a new form of social life than of rediscovering one that, despite having been marginalized, has never ceased to exist. For this purpose, we can draw inspiration from remarkable initiatives like the Milton Parc community in Montreal, which for over thirty years has provided housing for 1,500 people in a way that is entirely consistent with the principles of degrowth.