Conference of Yves Bonnardel: « The idea of nature and of intervention in nature »

Quand :
13 octobre 2016 @ 17:00 – 18:30 America/Toronto Fuseau horaire
Où :
Room 422
2910 Édouard-Montpetit
Conference of Yves Bonnardel: "The idea of nature and of intervention in nature" @ Room 422

The GRÉEA is happy to open its fall season of public conferences with a talk of Yves Bonnardel (independent researcher) on: « The idea of nature and of intervention in nature ».

Free entrance

The conference will be in French but the following discussion is open to both French and English speakers.


« Nature » does not exist. Ideas such as « nature of things«  (« nature des choses ») or « natural order«  are only beliefs. They are not scientific ideas and we know now pretty well their ideological and political history. In fact, when people usually talk about « Nature », this is often done at the expense of ethical thought. What is « natural » is believed to be good, right or desirable, thus preventing any kind of moral questioning. The common sacralization of « Nature » takes an active part in this. In addition, our society likes to draw a line between what should fall within the ethical and/or the political realms (the « Humanity’s »ones) and what is only subject to hazard or to a cruel order, where the law of the strongest/fittest could not leave any space for ethics whatsoever. Against these views, what a come back to rationality, ethical thought and political analysis would imply with regards to our relations with other animals and/or the environment at large?

See also:

Bonnardel, Yves (2005), « Doing away with the concept of Nature, back to ethics and politics« , Les Temps Modernes.