Atelier sur l’agentivité et la cognition animale | Enregistrement en ligne

Les enregistrements des conférences de Susana Monsó (National Distance Education University), Cédric Sueur (Université de Strasbourg) & Marie Pelé (Université catholique de Lille), Angie Pepper (University of Roehampton) & Richard Healey (University College London) ainsi que de Kristin Andrews (York University) lors de l’Atelier sur l’agentivité et la cognition animale sont disponibles sur nos différentes plateformes. 


Long gone are the days when philosophers denied animals any mental life. Animals are no longer thought incapable of understanding—let alone speaking—a language, remembering past events, recognizing themselves in a mirror, using tools or acting deliberately. Over the last decades, researchers in animal cognition have demonstrated the presence of previously unsuspected mental capacities in our non-human cousins.

In this multidisciplinary workshop, the mental life of animals will be approached from the point of view of both philosophy and ethology, by representatives of both disciplines. Topics will include the concept of death in predators, the importance of agency for animal cognition research, the relevance of assent to interspecies justice, and the relationship between animal cultures and animal welfare.